Energy Release

‎"We performed a dyno test on Jeremy Houle's 408 Speedwerx Race Engine on April 25, 2014 at R&R ‎Performance in Spring Lake Park, MN. Corrected Torque and Horsepower numbers increased after adding ‎Energy Release."‎
— Ron Quarnstrom - R&R Performance

‎"We as a reace team are very proud of our affiliation with Energy Release and highly recommend all of ‎their products!! In the racing business if you don't finish, you don't win championships and we believe ER ‎gave us the competitive edge that helped us win a track championship in 2013."‎
— Richard Filkins (Owner Filkins Motorsports)‎

‎"We performed a dyno test on Jeremy Houle's 352 Speedwerx Race Engine on June 3, 2013 at R&R ‎Performance in Spring Lake Park, Mn. When we added Energy Release, the results showed an Increase in ‎Torque, Less Blowby, and More Air Flow through the motor." ‎
— Ron Quarnstrom - R&R Performance

‎"We performed a dyno test on a Halls Racing Engines 454 Chevy on April 18, 2013. We established a base ‎line reading, then added Energy Release...after 8 pulls, the corrected horse power increase by 1%".                                       ‎
— Chuck Cielinski, (Owner - Brickshop Dyno, Gilman, MN)

‎“I ran Energy Release in my rear end and seen a big difference in temperature and gear shavings between ‎oil changes, very good positive results in that. I also ran ER in the engine oil and seen some oil temp and ‎water temp drop. As far as the cutting and tapping, I will be needing some more. Worked very well!. All ‎and all I liked the product.”‎
— Matt Schow 2s (Midwest Modified Racer)‎

‎“I use Energy Release in all my vehicles. My personal ones, my racing ones and my toys. Energy Release ‎helps us to finish races and run up front.”‎
— Sammy Swindell (3-time World of Outlaws National Champion)‎

‎“Wow! What a difference Energy Release Made! The hotter the bike runs, the more powerful it gets! You ‎can definitely feel it pull harder. It never did that before ER.”‎
— Matt Drucker (Member of the Great Lakes Road Racing Associations)‎

‎“I have not had a lube related failure since I first started using Energy Releases...ER doubled the life of our ‎rear-ends... Energy Release is the product for me.”‎
— Davey Hamilton (IRL Indy Car Driver)‎

‎“Energy Release is the finest product of its type available for use in all types of metal-to-metal ‎applications...Peterson race team know Energy Release Antifriction Metal Conditioner is a must for ever ‎race!”‎
— Craig Peterson (Peterson Racing Team)‎

‎“This stuff is amazing! I’ve been using ER for 3 1/2 years in the supermodified. We have set multiple track ‎records, a championship, and a win percentage that’s awesome. All this with no engine failures in the past ‎‎3 1/2 years, believe me, it really works! Seeing is believing!”‎
— Troy Regier (Winner of 1998, 1999, 2000 Copper World Classic, 1998 WSMRA Supermodified Champion)‎

‎“Energy Release has been in our motor, rear-end and supercharger gear case since the day we were ‎introduced to it. We like to think Energy Release is one of our best kept secrets.”‎
— John Shoemaker (Winner of NHRA Winter Nationals)‎

On blown alcohol engines using screw type blowers, rod bearings have been known to be a weak link; ‎sometimes requiring a re- placement every run. Since using Energy Release, we have virtually eliminated ‎the problem. We were also experiencing burning of the clutch discs in our planetary transmission. Using ‎Energy Release, we have been able to run clutch pack sets through their entire thickness specification ‎range without premature failure.”‎
— Steve Sommer (Sommer Motorsports)‎

‎“Arnie “The Farmer” Beswick is the most well know Pontiac Drag Racer in the world. His continuous series ‎of Pontiac super stocks, funny cars and nostalgia door slammers have made him an undisputed fan favorite ‎from coast-to-coast for over 40 years. Arnie can be counted on for racing and display and ost of all, for ‎being attentive to his loyal fans who travel far and wide to see their hero up close and personal.” — Arnie ‎‎“Energy Release products are used by all of our sponsored racers and all endorsements are a result of ‎genuine satisfaction of our product’s performance.‎
— Arnie “The Farmer” Beswick (Pontiac Drag Racer)‎

‎“During that critical time, when oil alone cannot keep the rotating surfaces from failing, ER keeps the ‎surfaces perfectly protect- ed...we are extremely impressed and completely satisfied with the results of ‎ER’s entire product line.”‎
— Bobby Martin (Drag Racer)‎

‎“Energy Release has done quite a bit for us. Where we see a lot of improvement is in the valve springs. ER ‎has reduced the operat- ing temperature of the valve springs between rebuilds. We used to change springs ‎‎2 and 3 times between rebuilds, now we don't see springs back until it’s time to rebuild the engines.”‎
— Earl Gaerte (Circle Track Engine Builder)‎

‎“I don’t know how they made it or how they came up with it, but somebody did their homework. I’m ‎amazed.”‎
— Donny Schatz (World of Outlaws Champion)‎

‎“I use Energy Release on everything I own. Race cars, personal vehicles...anything that involves and kind of ‎oil additives. We don’t build a race car without it.”‎
— Joe Gaerte (World of Outlaws Racer)‎

‎“At over 300 MPH we have found the extra margin with ER, more than 15 world records attest to it!”‎
— TNT Racing (Danny Boy) (World’s fastest single engine gas powered car)‎

‎“Under the adverse conditions we compete in, ER helps keep our equipment together. ER has increased ‎the life span of our drive train components.”‎
— Grave Digger

‎“Getting a full season out one drive chain used to e unheard of. However, with ER, we have found a ‎competitive edge and improved chain, gear and bearing life.”‎
— Team Tool Motorsports (Multi Driver Shifter Kart Racing Team)‎

‎“Whenever we go to victory lane, Energy Release goes with us.”‎
— ppc Racing (NASCAR Busch Series)‎

‎“I use ER in all of my vehicles! It has given me increase mileage in my motor coach and makes my jet truck ‎run smoother—I use all of the products. I haven’t found any other chemicals that actually work—ER ‎delivers!”‎
— Steve Quersio (Custom Built 57 Chevy Jet Truck)‎