Energy Release


For over two decades, Energy Release® has developed, manufactured and distributed our premium line of automotive chemical products worldwide. Our proprietary high tech formulas have set new standards for the automotive performance industry. Energy Release® is a globally recognized brand in the racing and high performance arenas.

Energy Release® products are currently used by racing teams in such leagues as the World of Outlaws, Indy Racing League (IRL), National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), NASCAR and Monster Truck as well as motorcycle, dirt bike and snowmobile venues.

Energy Release® is superb by itself as an antifriction additive. And, it mixes exceptionally well with lubricants such as oils, greases, hydraulic fluids, gear lubes, machining and cutting fluids. The Energy Release® product line consists of an antifriction metal conditioner, grease products, fuel conditioners and maintenance chemicals. Energy Release® also offers items for metalworking, lawn and recreational equipment.